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Writer : 씨에이티빔텍 Date22-06-30 11:50



CAT Beam Tech has completed domestic patent registration for the emitter manufacturing process with improved electron emission characteristics and stability through Polymer coating and heat treatment, as well as increasing the growth efficiency of carbon nanotubes for emitting electrons.

This patent relates to an electron emission source and a method for manufacturing the same.
The objective of the present invention is to improve the growth efficiency of carbon nanotubes for electron emission and at the same time increase the adhesion between the grown carbon nanotubes to the substrate.
It will also help in the manufacturing process to improve the efficiency and stability of electron emission.

Through the present invention, we grow carbon nanotubes from the emitter and coat the grown emitter with a coating material using centrifugal force.
Followed by the step of the heat-treating process, it is possible to obtain at least one pointed emitter tip with enhanced durability in the direction in which the electrons are emitted.

By the above process, the adhesion between the emitter and the carbon nanotube can be increased, the surrounding impurities can be removed and the electron emission efficiency can be improved.
In addition, it is expected to improve the straightness of the emitted electrons by providing an emitter tip with a sharp structure in the direction of the emission.