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CBT’s Research Awarded at 32nd Diamond and Carbon Conference

Writer : 씨에이티빔텍 Date22-10-26 10:56



Every year, the International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials (ICDCM) “Young Scholar Award” recognizes pre-doctoral researchers in the early stage of their career and offers them an opportunity to highlight their recent results on an international stage through a combination of oral and poster presentations.

Senior Researcher from CAT Beam Tech: Amar Prasad Gupta presented one of the CBT research items titled “CNTs on metal substrate: a paradigm shifts from 2D to 3D field emitter for high current vacuum devices” at this year conference. For this research, he was awarded Silver Elsevier Young Scholar Award. This research is associated with growing Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) on metal substrate to enhance the field electron emission for compact and robust X-ray source by designing 3D electron emitter.

This year, six winners received this honor at the 32nd ICDCM held in-person in Lisbon, Portugal: