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Selection of Materials, Components, and Equipment Startups 100 in 2023…

Writer : 씨에이티빔텍 Date24-03-26 16:18



On Thursday, April 27, 2023, at 2 PM, Mr. Jehwang Ryu, CEO of CAT Beam Tech, attended the <Materials, Components, and Equipment Startups 100 Selection Ceremony> held by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and received the selection letter as described.

'Materials, Components, and Equipment Startups 100' was launched in 2020 as a project to discover startups in the materials, components, and equipment fields and foster them into domestically produced and exported companies.
60 companies were selected by 2022, and 40 additional companies, including our company, were selected in 2023, completing the selection of 100 companies set as a goal when introducing the business.

Selected companies, including our company, receive up to KRW 200 million in commercialization funds, as well as benefits such as preferred policy funding limits, reduced guarantee fees, and preferred support for export marketing.
Additionally, we plan to be provided with regular exchange programs with major companies and investment institutions.

We hope that this initiative will significantly aid our efforts in breaking into and expanding within both domestic and international markets.